Semester 4 · Tugas Kuliah

Passive Voice Past Tense


Pattern :

Was/were + Verb-III

For Example :
1. I took money
Money was taken by me
2. I didn’t take money
Money wasn’t taken by me
3. Did you take money?
Was money taken by you?
4. Who took money?
By whom was money taken?
5. What did you take?
What was taken by you?
6. What did you do?
What was done by you?
7. What ate a mouse?
By what was a mouse seaten?
8. Whom did you see?
Who was seen by you?
9. Whose child did you help?
Whose child was helped by you?
10. Whose father helped you?
By whose father were you helped?
11. Which girl loved him?
By which girl was he loved?
12. Which girl did he love?
Which girl was loved by him?


Pattern :

Was/Were + being + Verb-III

For Example :
1. She was telling story
Story was being told by her
2. She wasn’t telling story
Story wasn’t being told by her
3. Was she telling story?
Was story being told by her?
4. Who was telling story?
By whome was story being told?
5. What was she telling?
What was being told by her?
6. What was she doing?
What was being done by her?
7. What was killing a dog?
By what was a dog being killed?
8. Whom were you looking at?
Who was being looked at by you?
9. Whose father was helping him?
By whose father was he being helped?
10. Whose father were you helping?
Whose father was being helped by you?
11. How many teachers were teaching us?
By how many teachers were we being tought?
12. How many teachers was she looking at?
How many teachers were being looked at by her?


Pattern :

Had + Been + Verb-III

For Example :
1. He had studied English
English had been studied by him
2. He hadn’t studied English
English hadn’t been studied by him
3. Had he studied English?
Had English been studied by him?
4. Who had studied English?
By whom had English been studied?
5. What had he studied?
What had been studied by him?
6. What had he done?
What had been done by him?
7. What had eaten rice?
By what had rice been eaten?
8. Whom had they seen?
Who had been seen by them?
9. What for had you bought a knife?
What for had a knife been bought by you?


Pattern :

Had + Been + Being + Verb-III

For Example :
1. They had been studying English
English had been being studied by them

2. They hadn’t been studied English
English hadn’t been being studied by them
3. Had they been studying English?
Had English been being studied by them?
4. Who had been studying English?
By whom English been being studied?
5. What had they been studying?
What had been being studied by them?
6. What had they been doing?
What had been being done by them?
7. What had been cassava eating?
By what had cassava been being eaten?
8. Whom had they been waiting for?
Who had been being waited for by them?
9. How had you been studying English?
How had English been being studied by you?


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